Package details: caca-utils-0.99-0.beta18.1-rosa.lts2012.0.x86_64.rpm

Name : caca-utils
Version : 0.99
Release : 0.beta18.1
Architecture: x86_64
Install Date: (not installed)
Group : Graphics
Size : 371187
License : GPLv2
Signature : DSA/SHA1, Sun Jan 6 10:44:32 2013, Key ID 461d5702b7f77751
Source RPM : libcaca-0.99-0.beta18.1.src.rpm
Build Date : Sun Jan 6 10:44:31 2013
Build Host : rosabs4-build-rosa2011x64-5.rosalinux.ru
Relocations : (not relocatable)
Vendor : ROSA
URL : http://libcaca.zoy.org/
Bug URL : http://bugs.rosalinux.ru/
Summary : Text mode graphics utilities
Description :
This package contains utilities and demonstration programs for libcaca, the
color AsCii Art library.

cacaview is a simple image viewer for the terminal. It opens most image
formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF etc. and renders them on the terminal using
ASCII art. The user can zoom and scroll the image, set the dithering method
or enable anti-aliasing.

cacaball is a tiny graphic program that renders animated ASCII metaballs on
the screen, cacafire is a port of AALib's aafire and displays burning ASCII
art flames, cacamoir animates colorful moire circles and cacaplas displays
an old school plasma effect.

cacademo is a simple application that shows the libcaca rendering features
such as line and ellipses drawing, triangle filling and sprite blitting.

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